Give your child the best start to their education.
Prep - Year 6
Early Years Tutoring

Early Childhood education is the master key to shaping your children’s future. Our readiness programs for kindergarten and prep students teach essential reading and writing strategies, oral language skills and letter knowledge and formations. We also nature early numeracy skills using an investigative approach and allow students to explore the nature of maths in real life situations.

Year 7 - 12
High School Tutoring

Secondary school can prove to be difficult for many students who require more time and care to grasp concepts than they receive in the classroom.  10/10 Tutoring provides explicit sequenced learning support for students. We’ll ensure your knowledgebase and foundational skills are on target.

Adult Education
General Tutoring

Whether it’s extra tutoring services for university, catching up where the education system has failed you, preparing for Police entrance exams etc. 10/10 Tutoring has the right tutor to suit your needs and to get you to where you need to go.

Meet Our Tutors

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