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Private Tuition Brisbane Southside

10/10 Tutoring & Educational Services offers highly experienced, yet very affordable private tuition services,
We specialise in private English tuition and private maths tuition in the Brisbane South area. Based in Loganholme,
we are perfectly positioned to provide high quality private tuition services throughout
the Brisbane Southside region.

Private tuition for children & adults

10/10 Tutoring & Educational Services provides current research-based, high quality, individual private tuition programs within the Australian National Curriculum Framework, Standards and Expectations, meeting class program goals.

  • English tuition for children
  • English tuition for adults
  • Maths tuition for children
  • Maths tuition for adults

Engage a Tutor with 30 Years’ Experience

10/10 Tutoring is a professional, leading private Brisbane south tuition provider. As experienced Brisbane maths tutors
and English tutors, we know the vital role our tutorial services make to learning.

From Prep, through to tertiary education, our commitment to positive learning outcomes for all students
is a testament to our slogan: Let our RESULTS speak for themselves!

Extensive experience

The staff at 10/10 Tutoring are passionate educators. Despite having accumulated more than three decades of experience, 10/10 Tutoring’s Director, Lena Ford, still finds it difficult to explain the feeling of immense satisfaction she experiences when helping children and adults improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Our background and experience provides us with the insight and understanding required to enhance learning outcomes for students of all ages
  • We support students working below the NAPLAN benchmarks, in literacy and numeracy, in order to improve learning outcomes
  • Lena is a Literacy Consultant and Coach, in both private and State schools committed to improving learning outcomes specific to student needs, targets and goals.

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Improving educational outcomes for all students, whether at risk or not performing at full potential, is an important issue for educators and policymakers. Recently, tutoring programs have been identified as having the potential to turn academic failure or underperformance, into successes.

Two studies were conducted to determine the impact of a tutoring program. Results of the studies showed that students improved and attained better grades with the support of trained adult tutors. Researchers also found that tutors could teach strategies during their tutoring sessions and that students could learn the strategies while they worked on their class assignments.

Finally, researchers found that some students continued to be successful after tutoring ended, indicating that they were able to continue using strategies learned as an automotive manner.
Michael F. Hock
University of Kansas Centre for Research on Learning, mhock@ku.edu