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Improving educational outcomes for all students, whether at risk or not performing at full potential, is an important issue for educators and policymakers. Recently, tutoring programs have been identified as having the potential to turn academic failure or underperformance, into successes.

Two studies were conducted to determine the impact of a tutoring program. Results of the studies showed that students improved and attained better grades with the support of trained adult tutors. Researchers also found that tutors could teach strategies during their tutoring sessions and that students could learn the strategies while they worked on their class assignments.

Finally, researchers found that some students continued to be successful after tutoring ended, indicating that they were able to continue using strategies learned as an automotive manner.
Michael F. Hock
University of Kansas Centre for Research on Learning, [email protected]


Early Childhood education is the master key to shaping your children’s future. Our readiness programs for kindergarten & prep students teach essential reading and writing strategies, oral language skills and letter knowledge and formations. We also nature early numeracy skills using an investigative approach and allow students to explore the nature of maths in real life situations.
For children who have started their school life, our BAPLAN ready programs will set them up for success. Our reading writing and comprehension programs use the same indicators as NAPLAN expectations used in schools, leaving our students fully prepared for future testing.
We offer a “More Basics” program which encompasses NAPLAN readiness across spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary & comprehension. Our easy to understand numeracy modules are a breeze with personalised coaching from our experienced team.



Secondary school can prove to be difficult for many students who require more time and care to grasp concepts than they receive in the classroom. 10/10 Tutoring provides explicit sequenced learning support for students with learning challenges. We’ll ensure your knowledgebase and foundational skills are on target for entry into the next level of study.
Many students struggle with numeracy and often all it takes is some extra time, attention and explanation to start seeing incredible improvements.
We offer essay writing modules for middle, upper and secondary students wishing to increase the standard and sophistication of their writing skills to maximise outcomes and scores.
No matter what you need assistance with, 10/10 tutoring have the skills and experience to propel students to the next level.


The 21st century requires its citizens and workers to have increasingly higher-level literacy and numeracy skills

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (ALLS) revealed that Australian language, literacy and numeracy levels have shown little improvement in the decade since the 1996 International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS).
It found that approximately 7 million Australian adults (46 per cent) had literacy scores below the minimum level needed to function fully in life and work and approximately 7.9 million (53 per cent) had numeracy scores below the minimum needed.
This impacts on all aspects of our life and it can readily, with commitment, be rectified. You need not feel alone or ashamed.
Our education system has let many down and unfortunately, is continuing to do so. Refuse it to be YOU. Call us and have a chat about how we can help you.

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