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What are parents saying about 10/10 Tutoring?

Hi Lena,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving my son, Zac , the opportunity to enjoy learning.

Before we came to you, almost 2 years ago, I would be in tears trying to help Zac with his homework, in particular literacy and numeracy work. Zac just didn’t understand, and quite frankly, he didn’t want to understand.

I even moved him to a school with smaller class sizes, hoping this would help. It did help to a limited degree. But the truth is, that not all children learn the same way, or are given the time to learn in our education system and it is just so easy for them to fall behind. And Zac is one of those children.

All that I ever wanted was for Zac to feel that he is a worthy human being, as opposed to feeling like a failure or that he was less than.

I can honestly say that you have been able to change my son’s beliefs about himself. He is now a confident and thriving child who actually enjoys school and learning. He is one of the top students in his class for maths, and is now doing maths extension work. And even more exciting for me, is to see him love reading, which he does every night before going to sleep.
He is now looking forward to going to high school.

I am now confident that Zac can be, and do anything that he wants in his life.

Thank you so much Lena, as you have played a very important role in my son’s future, and we are very grateful for that.

Yours Sincerely,

Kylie Blanch

We have had the pleasure of Mrs. Ford tutoring our 2 daughters Alex and April. Alex who is intellectually impaired, and requires a lot of extra work and needs a lot of one on one has attended for 6 years.  When Alex first started with Mrs. Ford, she did not know any letter names or sounds. Now, Alex is in Grade 9, knows how to read to the best of her ability and can spell attending to the correct sounds. Without the hard work and patience of Mrs. Ford, Alex would have been in Special School by now and not in mainstream schooling.
Our second daughter, April, struggled in Grade 1 with her homework and reading.  We asked Mrs. Ford to assess her and found that she didn’t have the basics needed for reading. She is now Grade 3 and does her homework on her own and loves to read chapter books.
My husband and I highly recommend 10/10 Tutoring for any tutoring requirements as this would be a strong benefit to your child.
Thank you Mrs. Ford and 10/10 Tutoring.

Darren and Jorgina Van Uitregt
Leanne Wilkins

Lena, I wish to say thank you to you and 10/10 Tutoring for the results you have helped my two children achieve. My daughter Alison went from a C student last year to a dedicated A student this year. Her results were and are tremendous. Jake’s reading, spelling and especially maths has come a long way from when he first started with you. Lena I appreciate all the effort you put into my children’s education and thank you for the work you are doing with them. You are one in a million. I look forward to quite a few years of my children with your tutoring. Regards Leanne.
Donna Dyson — 5 star

Lena Ford is a trusted, caring colleague whose experience and knowledge secures the educational outcomes you seek for your children’s future.

Peta Sanchez — 5 star

My son had always had a lot of trouble understanding maths. Not only did Lena’s 10/10 tutoring change how he felt about it, but his confidence soared. Not only does he go into maths lesson at high school happily now, but he actually enjoys it. I never thought that would happen. He doesnt feel ill before exams now either! Thanks Lena! Xoxo
October 28, 2014
Tracey Lyall — 5 star

Thank you Lena so much for all the years of assistance you gave to Darcy. Not only have her grades improved dramatically, but with your kindness, patience and nurturing you have given her the gift of confidence. This has allowed her to have an easier transition to high school life. I cannot recommend your service more highly, thank you.
Jorgina Barrios Van Uitregt — 5 star

Lena, Darren and I are forever grateful to you for helping ALEX. I cant thank you enough…
10/10 Tutoring and Educational Consultancy

Donna Robinson — 5 star

Lena we would just like to say a big thank you for your assistance over the past few years. Ellie would not have achieved as much as she has without your guidance and services. She has grown more confident and proven she can achieve her goals if she sets her mind to it. We would highly recommend 10/10 tutoring and wish you all well. Kind regards, Gerald, Donna and Ellie Robinson

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