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Frequently asked questions

Does my child need tutoring?
This question requires you, who knows your child like no other, to ask yourself these questions.* Is my child struggling to keep up with classwork?* Does my child understand and independently do, homework?* Is my child anxious or lack confidence in their abilities?* Has my child switched off; has a lack of motivation or/and behaviour become an issue?* Does my child have learning challenges or simply needs a little more time with new work?* Are there gaps in my child’s knowledge base?

Do you provide individual programs?
All students are unique and come with their own personality, learning style, strengths and challenges. We approach each student’s learning requirements based on this as well as assessment information. When possible, we work with class or subject teachers, to provide consistency and ensure that we are supporting what the student is working on in class. This provides for a very supportive and purposeful learning experience in context with what they need to cover in class for improved outcomes.

I don’t know exactly what support my child needs. I just know that he/she is struggling with their work. Do you identify the specific challenge areas? How?
Rather than “stabbing in the dark” to find your child’s gaps and weaknesses, both wasting time and money, our first meeting is a short getting-to-know you chat followed by individual, comprehensive and diagnostic assessments. The diagnostic tools used are recognised, current, cutting-edge tools, used in progressive and effective schools. After these are marked and analysed, the identified areas needing support will become the focus. A report overview will follow outlining the program.

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