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“Ongoing professional development is essential to ensuring teachers are effective educators and leaders, maintaining quality schooling and training, promoting professionalism & encouraging a sense of scholarship within the teaching community.
Research confirms that teachers need both in-house and external professional development to enhance their capabilities. Both play important, independent roles in improving school organisational capacity and enhancing teacher capital..” (source: development/employee/teachers/index.html)
10/10 Educational Services is committed to providing high quality professional development to educators. Workshops offer practical, research based teaching strategies for improved student performance. Lena Ford, formerly of Pat Edgar Education Consultancy, and Firefly Education consultant, is a qualified and experienced educator who has been facilitating teacher workshops for the past decade.
Services offered are:-
• Educational Consultation
• Literacy coaching services
• Teacher and Teacher-aide mentoring
• Professional Development In-services for Teachers, Teacher Aides and Pre-service Teachers (refer to list of workshops) These can be designed around school/teacher

Teacher Aide Workshops
• P/1 Literacy – An Explicit Approach
• P-7 Providing Literacy Support To Students With Diverse
• Learning Needs
• P-7 Supporting Students With Reading Comprehension
• P-7 Supporting the Writing Process
• P-7 Supporting Grammar and Spelling
• P-7 Using Running Records to Effectively Support Student’s
• Reading Development
• P-2 Magic Words and a Balanced Approach to Literacy (2 Hrs)
• P-2 Magic Words: A Phonological & Phonemic Approach (2 Hrs)

Teacher Workshops
Kindergarten – Phonological Awareness within EYLF
P/1 Literacy – An Explicit Approach (One Day or 3 x 2 Hrs)
P-2 Phonological Awareness for the Early Years
P-2 Introducing Guided Reading in the Early Years
P-2 Making the Reading Writing Connection
P-3 Expecting Comprehension From Early Readers
P-3 Prepare To Persuade: Persuasive Writing in the Early Years
P-2 Magic Words and a Balanced Approach to Literacy
P-2 Magic Words: a Phonological and Phonemic Approach
2-6 NAPLAN Readiness – Reading
2-6 NAPLAN Readiness – Writing (2x 2 hr sessions)
2-6 NAPLAN Readiness-Language Conventions:Grammar & Punc
2-96NAPLAN Readiness-Language Conventions: Spelling
2-6 Writing For NAPLAN: Taking Exposition to the Next Level
3-6 Encouraging and Engaging Students in the Writing Process
3-6 Phonological Awareness and Beyond
4-6 Optimising Comprehension – A Practical Approach
4-6 Explicit Reading Instruction for Middle and Upper Primary
P-6 Differentiating Literacy Teaching for All Learners
P-6 Running Records of Reading – Analysis To Application
P-6 ‘Writers Writing Right’: A Focus on Persuasive & Narrative Text
P-6 Enhancing Literacy Skills Through Expanding Vocabulary
P-6 Explicit Sequenced Writing Instruction Across all Text Types
P-6 Improving Sentence Construction with a Focus on Grammar
P-6 Balanced Spelling Instruction – Beyond the Weekly List
P-76Teaching Verbs Within the Context of Literature

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